Orthopantomography is a panoramic radiography technique that uses X-rays to provide detailed information about dental structures and oral anatomy. Thanks to this radiological study, an image is obtained that allows the detection and analysis of any oral complication that affects the teeth, jaws and jaw.

Using this test, an impression is made where several overlapping two-dimensional radiographs are captured. Thus, a three-dimensional result of the facial structures is achieved in a single image. As a consequence, the possibility of detecting if there are oral complications is much easier. Likewise, this panoramic exploration enables the verification of the interrelationships between the temporomandibular and maxillary joints and their effects on the masticatory system.

With this radiological method, the dentist can discover at a glance the development of dental caries, the existence and involvement of periodontal diseases, the quality of the bone structure for implant treatments or the presence of unerupted teeth. Its use is, thus, essential for the evaluation and performance of Implantology, Oral Surgery, Orthodontia or Periodontics procedures.

How the test is performed

During the test, the patient must stand or sit in front of the device, wearing a special lead vest to protect themselves from radiation. Likewise, it must bite a small piece, keeping the two arches of the mouth separate, in order to determine and record the position and type of bite.

The most important thing is that the head is kept upright, so that the resulting images are of sufficient quality.

After placement, the device rotates around the patient’s head, producing a complete overview of the oral structure. Within a short time, the results appear on the screens and the dentist can determine what, if any, oral complications are present.

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